PEARL-DNA officially kicked-off in Ljubljana

The PEARL-DNA project is officially kicked-off! On October 2-3, 2023, the PEARL-DNA consortium got together for a 2-day in-person meeting hosted by project coordinator BioSistemika in Ljubljana, Slovenia to kickstart the collaboration towards the future of DNA-based digital data storage.

Earlier this week, over 25 members of the PEARL-DNA consortium gathered in Ljubljana, SI, to officially kick-off the new Horizon Europe project that will develop and evaluate a complete end-to-end chain of innovative next generation solutions for DNA-based digital data storage.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome and introduction by project coordinator Tomaz Karcnik and CEO of Biosistemika, Roswita Golcer Hrastnik, before leaving the floor to all 6 PEARL-DNA partners for a short introduction round of organisations, team members and expertise. After, the agenda followed the 7 work packages, with WP leaders and members providing an overview of their work plans, objectives and first steps.

WP1: led by LUH; WP2: led by BioSis and supported by HES-SO and THWi; WP3: led by IMG and supported by THWi; WP4: led by BioSis and supported by THWiLUHHES-SO and IMG; WP5: led by BioSis and supported by accelCH; WP6: led by accelCH; WP7: led by BioSis

The 2-day meeting set the tone for the upcoming 3 years of exciting research and intense collaboration between 6 organisations and across 4 different countries for one joint goal: revolutionising the future of DNA-based data storage. Stay tuned!

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PEARL-DNA consortium (Photo: Kaja Skrbinsek for BioSistemika)
Project coordinator Tomaz Karcnik welcoming the consortium