DNA-based digital data storage

Dedicated to pioneering a novel, high-throughput, end-to-end proof of concept (PoC) platform that leverages the power of DNA, PEARL-DNA will develop and assess a complete end-to-end chain of innovative solutions – contributing to improving speed, accuracy, energy efficiency and costs associated with DNA digital data storage.

Our vision

Our innovative platform is poised to rewrite the rules of data storage. Imagine achieving data-to-DNA writing speeds comparable to hard disk drives and doing it in a sustainable way and virtually without consumables. The PEARL-DNA project doesn’t stop there. Success of any storage media depends on reliability and data integrity. We’re pioneering error correction, compression, and data standardization modules, alongside a cutting-edge storage container system. This system will ensure a maintenance-free, long-term preservation of DNA without any energy requirements. Our fully modular and interoperable platform aims to transform data storage and foster collaboration across the DNA-based storage industry, propelling this technology into the future.

Our approach

In 2012, the work of Church and colleagues marked a significant milestone as they successfully encoded data into DNA for the first time, essentially translating digital data into the four letters of DNA code: A, C, T, and G. Since then, researchers have been advancing the field of DNA-based data storage, developing new methods for coding data into DNA and ways to retrieve it when needed. PEARL-DNA builds upon the shoulders of giants and decades of research from participating partners, who have proved their excellence via numerous contributions to the field of research, and have received numerous grants for their research. Several of the PEARL-DNA project partners are active members of the DNA storage alliance, a global association that sets the standards and pushes for the mass adoption of DNA data storage technology.