The Challenge

In a world driven by data, the need for innovative and sustainable data storage solutions has never been more pressing.

Advancements in artificial intelligence, healthcare, astronomy, physics to climate science, pharmacy and genetics – all depend on the storage of massive data sets to remain competitive and drive scientific discovery. Meanwhile, more than 6 billion smartphone users are generating constant streams of location data, photos and videos with data storage demand.

The challenge: The world is running out of data storage. And more, current technologies for digital data storage addresses various technological and sustainability limits. A significant share of new data is not yet stored beyond the short term, and conventional storage media do not have the capacity, longevity, data density or cost efficiency to meet global demand.

PEARL-DNA is on a mission to develop and assess a chain of novel, end-to-end connected technologies that will push DNA-based data storage beyond the state of the art.

“PEARL-DNA pushes the technological boundaries in data recording technology and storage, aiming to make DNA-based data storage readily available and setting the stage for global adoption”

The project


The team

6 industry and research partners from 4 European countries

The budget

5.04 million euro in funding

The timeline

36 months, starting October 2023 until September 2026