Innovative SME at the cross-section of biotech, digitalization, and engineering.


BioSistemika is an innovative IT-Biotec SME comprising life science, STEM, and IT experts to address key challenges in the industry, including laboratory automation & digitalization, workflow management, instrumentation development, as well as data management and storage.

In biotech, the company excels in both wet-lab and dry-lab operations, including genomics and bioinformatic analysis. In IT, BioSistemika stands out in operating complex platforms, databases, workflow tools, cloud hosting, big data management, and analysis. The engineering department serves as the vital link between both worlds, resulting in innovative, cutting-edge projects and products.

Years of experience and successful projects have forged partnerships with key industry leaders. BioSistemika’s most recent endeavors address the global data storage crisis by utilizing DNA as the next-generation storage medium and are recognized and supported by the European Innovation Council.

team members

Tomaž Karčnik

Project Manager and PEARL-DNA Coordinator

Mirjana Oblak

Administrative Project Management and PEARL-DNA Deputy Coordinator

Tjaša Stare

R&D (Life science)

Luka Zupančič

Business development

Role within PEARL-DNA

In the PEARL-DNA project, BioSistemika leads the development of a high-fidelity block-by-block (BbB) DNA synthesis method and an efficient high-throughput liquid handling system for DNA synthesis. The team will prepare the necessary biochemistry to carry out the reactions on the liquid handling system, drive the development of a high-throughput DNA assembly module, and contribute to the data layer encoding/decoding system.

Additionally, BioSistemika is the coordinator of the PEARL-DNA project, fostering breakthrough research, smooth development, and streamlined project delivery.

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