development of methods and equipment for long-term preservation of nucleic acids and biospecimen at room temperature.


Imagene stands as a premier SME specializing in the room temperature preservation of nucleic acids and various biospecimens. With over 15 years of dedicated expertise in this domain, our company has established itself as a trusted authority.

Our advanced technology hinges on encapsulating desiccated nucleic acid molecules within an anoxic, anhydrous environment, sealed within laser-engraved stainless steel minicapsules. This innovative approach permits the distribution and extended storage of both natural and synthetic nucleic acids at room temperature indefinitely on a human scale, without energy consumption and need for cold logistics.

Such capabilities position us favorably for applications in biobanking and molecular diagnostics.

Imagene’s solutions adeptly tackle storage challenges across research, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Serving dual roles, we function both as a service provider and a supplier of cutting-edge instrumentation.

team members

Marthe Colotte

CTO / Project manager

Sophie Tuffet


David Georges de SOUZA


Jacques BONNET


Delphine COUDY

Research engineer

Aurélie LUIS

Research engineer


Research engineer

Role within PEARL-DNA

In the PEARL-DNA project, Imagene develops a storage system for room temperature long-term preservation of DNA with encoded digital data.

The aim is to develop a hermetic storage container, part of a system able to protect the DNA carrying the encoded data (previously synthesized and purified) by drying and confinement under an inert, anhydrous and anoxic atmosphere. The DNA should be retrievable after decades of storage with negligible loss or degradation.

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