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Living Leibniz — as one of the nine leading technical universities in Germany, Leibniz University Hannover sees itself as having a responsibility to contribute to sustainable, peaceful, and responsible solutions to key future challenges. Its expertise in this area stems from its broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from engineering and natural sciences, architecture and environmental planning, law and economics to social sciences and humanities.

Leibniz University Hannover is just as diverse and worldly as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, our namesake and universal scholar.

The broad positioning of Leibniz University Hannover goes hand in hand with a university-wide strategy of sharpening its profile, in particular its teaching and research profile, including the establishment and enhancement of original humanities and social science specializations.

Cooperation with national and international partners strengthens scientific expertise.

team members

Dr. Jan Voges

Research Group Leader

Stephanie Kristin Schröder, M.Eng.

Research Assistant

Role within PEARL-DNA

© Bodo Kremmin / LUH

In the PEARL-DNA project, Leibniz University Hannover leads the activities on error detection and correction for block-by-block synthesized data-carrying DNA. Besides developing error detection and correction, compression, and storage format technologies, the work includes active participation in international standardization endeavours to ensure the widespread adoption of the developed technologies in EU and international scope.

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