The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

top ranked in research among the universities of applied sciences in Germany.


The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau is a modern, practice-oriented campus university and is highly active in science, research and transfer.

The main activity areas are applied biosciences, computer science/telematics, optical technologies/photonics, production and materials, transport and logistics as well as management and law.

From the Applied Biosciences the Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Functional Genomics, headed by Prof. Marcus Frohme, is involved in the project. The division participates in the training in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program Biosystem technology / Bioinformatics. Furthermore, it creates a bridge to institutions and companies seeking methods and instrumental capabilities of the division in research, development and application. It can be considered at the interface between academia and industry. The three pillars health-tech, food-tech and ecology describe the field of activity with the horizontal connectors automation/robotics, digitalization/AI, standardization/QM.

team members

Dr. Jörn Glökler

Senior Scientist

Dr. Lars Radke


Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme

Head of Division

Role within PEARL-DNA

The TH Wildau is deeply involved in several research aspects within the PEARL-DNA project. This applies to most of the molecular biology-related work such as nucleic acid assembly, processing, sequencing and targeted retrieval. In addition, it also provides monitoring of and evaluation of innovations within the consortium for generating intellectual property.

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