Inspiring Future Innovators: PEARL-DNA at EESTEC JobFair

On March 11, 2024, the PEARL-DNA coordinator, BioSistemika, participated in the EESTEC JobFair 2024 with a presentation booth. This annual event, organised by the Association of electrical engineering and computer science students, took place in Ljubljana to foster cooperation between students and companies.

Representatives from BioSistemika, including members of the marketing team, application specialists, and software developers, showcased their work and provided insights into what it’s like to be a software developer at BioSistemika. They presented various projects, including PEARL-DNA, offering real-case examples of their work. Students showed genuine interest in DNA storage and left feeling inspired.

PEARL-DNA partners consistently participate in events like the EESTEC JobFair to promote the project and encourage interest in STEM among diverse audiences.

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