PEARL-DNA journey: from idea to an exemplary project proposal – watch now

Last week, BioSistemika, the coordinator of PEARL-DNA, participated in the European Commission’s flagship event – The EIC Research and Innovation Week 2024 held in Brussels, Belgium. As part of the Pathfinder Challenge Info Day, PEARL-DNA was highlighted as a successful proposal.

Tomaž Karčnik presenting at the EIC Pathfinder Challenges Info Day

PEARL-DNA highlighted as a successful proposal

BioSistemika’s presentation of PEARL-DNA as a successful project proposal during the EIC Pathfinder Challenges Info Day held on March 20, 2024, received positive feedback from the audience, sparking valuable connections with participants on site. The session was recorded and shared through the European Commission’s Streaming Service. To view the recorded session, please click here. The presentation by Tomaž Karčnik, coordinator of PEARL-DNA, begins at 10:59:47.

EIC Summit as a key networking event

Every year, the EIC Summit is a key event for connecting with policy makers, investors and EIC beneficiaries. During the summit, BioSistemika benefited from networking with other EIC stakeholders and interesting discussions, workshops, and presentations on learnings, plans and next steps for projects within the European funding landscape. PEARL-DNA partners engaged in various sessions providing insightful overviews of programme statistics and outcomes while exploring paths for continued financing of DNA storage technologies. One session, in particular, dived into the EU vs US perspectives on market expansions, sparking a lively debate.

Additionally, partners had the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with the EIC Programme Manager Isabel Obieta and the EIC Programme Officer Carlos Casorran to discuss the progress of the PEARL-DNA project and the plans for the following year.

Luka Zupančič (BioSis) is the new EIC Ambassador  

Besides being highlighted as a successful proposal, PEARL-DNA celebrated another achievement: Luka Zupančič, Head of Business Development for the DATANA project at BioSistemika was appointed as one of the 48  EIC Ambassadors for the period 2021-2027. In his new role, he will represent the EIC at relevant events and with local and European media and offer insights to support the EIC’s continuous improvement efforts.

PEARL-DNA remains committed to participating in collaborative networking events to foster synergies within the European innovation landscape.

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