PEARL-DNA consortium meets online for the 2nd General Assembly

On April 17, 2024, the General Assembly meeting of all consortium members took place online. Eighteen participants, including representatives of each partner and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), gathered to present their current research progress and address all outstanding inquiries.

The meeting commenced with a welcome from the project coordinator Tomaž Karčnik (BioSis) who provided a general overview of the project’s progress and thanked all partners for their active collaboration. Following this, updates on three non-scientific work packages were shared: Coordination and innovation management, Communication, dissemination, and exploitation, and Portfolio activities.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the scientific work packages: Data preparation system, High-throughput liquid handling and DNA assembly systems, High-density array of airtight microwells for long-term DNA preservation at room temperature, and Sequencing and decoding system, platform verification. Feedback from the SAB members was extremely positive – the scientific board found the PEARL-DNA ideas excellent and mentioned that they are happy to be involved in such a project where they are learning a lot. Furthermore, they were astonished at how the technology has evolved, enabling the research team to overcome constraints that were once critical.

The main final message of this event – the project is well on track to deliver the promised technology. All required reports have been submitted on time to the European Innovation Council and all project milestones and tasks are on track.

The next General Assembly meeting is scheduled for autumn 2024, with further details to follow.

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